Octothorpe AI

Automate Your Business
With AI

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Boost Efficiency.

Provide your team with the tools they need to multiply their output.

Reduce Costs.

Eliminate dollars spent on repetitive tasks by assigning low ROI tasks to an AI assistant.

Increase Velocity.

Iterate through your cycles up to 5x faster by removing human friction.


We Listen.

We first seek to understand you and your business: what are you main pain points? What tasks you find most boring and time-consuming? What is that you wish you could delegate to an assistant?


We Craft.

Your business needs are unique and cookie-cutter solutions won't give you the results you are looking for. We create an automation plan that works for you and nobody else.


Client Q&A Delegation.

General inquiries from clients? AI can handle it and personalize responses based on each client's case.

Smart Document Search.

Need to find an answer in 2000+pages worth of documents? AI can do it in a matter of seconds!

Busy-work automation.

Let can handle tedious and repetitive tasks like data entry or copy-pasting between different software.

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